P1 Controls: Move with Cursors & Shift to fire
P2 Controls: Move with WASD & R to fire
(also supports gamepads. try it - you might like it)

The distant future.

The year 2000.
Robots have taken over.
Only small squad of dorks remain standing.
Can you save the day?

* Eat donuts!
* Save Kittens!
* Kick robo-butt!


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Hi, this is a really weird question but what font is this? The pixely fonts I know of are VT323 and PRESS START 2P, the latter of which kind of sucks. I am working on a new project for the No Shit Sherlock Jam and need a font that I have used over 9000 times. 

Great job on the game by the way, but being that this game jam ended a while ago I doubt it means much. 

I've been asked much weirder :P

The font can be found here:


It's from the ancient 8bit Amstrad CPC